02 August 2013

Summer heat skin favourites

Other than holidays, I am not really one to strip down for Summer mostly because I am not that confidence in walking around my town in not very much but also because really, I haven't found it that hot...until this year that is! I moved to England I good ten years a go and I guess since I have now officially spent half my life here, my body has just forgotten it's Spanish roots and has now decided that is going to be a British stereotypical one. Now, I have nothing against this but I have to say it is annoying that I can't cope walking in 30 degrees without looking for shade in the first five minutes and do not get my started on the sun burn I get now! Whiles on my holiday in Spain two weeks a go My waist line, the gap between my breasts and the top of my thighs burnt, they burnt so bad that they blistered ("ewww"... I know, I know). I have never really needed to care extra for my skin in the Summer until this year. My sun cream for my holiday was Riemann p20 in factor 20, it is a low factor as I don't burn easily. It was brilliant and as it lasts for 10 hours and is waterproof, I did not have to worry one bit. It did the job brilliantly and helped me get a lovely tan with only a slight red face and chest. "Then why did you burn so bad in the three places you mentioned?" I hear you ask. Well, I figured out that obviously these parts burnt so bad because they never see the sunshine, they just aren't used to it and came as a shock, plus the skin in these area are very soft and thin. I do not target these places well enough with moisturiser so I am guessing that the same thing happened with my sun cream. 

My sunburn ended up being treated by Aveeno Skin Relief. I used after sun which did nothing. Ben always uses Aveeno because he has dry skin and suggested me to use it instead. It is brilliant! I mean, I already knew it was as it does wonders for Ben's skin (would so recommend it if you have a small case of eczema). It helped my sun burn heal up super fast because it kept the dry tight skin moisturised for a very long time. I can't recommend this enough. 

I relayed on Nivea's Double Effect anti-perspirant to keep me fresh all of my holiday and the rest of the hot Summer just like all the Summers that have past (it is an old favourite). I hate armpits and this deodorant makes me feel a little better about my own because it leaves them so soft all day.... not that I touch my armpits often but it is nice to know that they are soft! 

Garnier's Ultimate Beauty Oil was something I actually purchased the first day it was out and I am on my third bottle. I love it. I am sooooo lazy about moisturising and this little gem makes life so much easier after a shower. It leaves skin so soft with a nice glow and not a greasy mess like you might think. I often use it at night after my shower just before going to bed and in the morning my skin has a nice glow that an average moisturiser wouldn't give. Tip: It is also great to use before going out in the evening/night it gives you legs a certain glow that makes them look more toned in them killer heels. 

My feet ended up pretty ruined after my holiday because we walked and stood for so long (we went to a festival for those who didn't know). Obviously my foot gear wasn't a pair of walking boots so my Converse and Kurt Geiger sandals had to do their best. I got very dry feet after some lovely blisters and I have to say Soap and Glory's Heel Genious has helped my feet get back to normal... they are still not there yet but I have hope they won't be this horrible for too long. OH, they also smell great too! 

Lastly, St.Tropez tanning mousse is my all time favourite self tanner. It is so easy to use and because of the mousse formula it is super easy to not get any lines since it is so easy to blend as well as build up if you want to. I started using this at the start of Summer ready for when the pale legs had to make an appearance and absolutely loved the results. Didn't notice any funny looks thank God! Only negative is that it doesn't not do well with sweat. I naively thought it would be fine to put it on before jetting off to Spain and on the first day it was melting off me as I was so hot and sweating so much, embarrassing and not a good look. Avoid this by either sitting in the shade at all times or just not wearing it in any situation that involves constant sweating! 

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