10 August 2013

Young Skin Face products review

Clinique anti-blemish solutions cleansing foam  and  Clinique anti-blemish moisturiser  have lasted me since December (2012 that is) and that's using them everyday! These products really have helped my skin since I purchased them but if I stop using them, which I did when I went on holiday, my face gets very angry and I get more spots than ever. I am planing to replace these when they are finished as I like to try new items so I just hope that whatever I buy next helps my angry skin simmer down! I love the foam it self,. it is easy and pleasant to use. As for the smell, I like it. I only mention this because a lot of people complain about it. The moisturiser does do what it promises but I don't like how it feels on the skin, I feel as if I have put one of those peeling masks on (if you know what I mean?) My skin feels tight and not very nice that I can't wait to pop some B.B cream on. It's not a slap on a run out the door cream. What is a good moisturiser is the  Nivea Pure and Natural moisturiser  . It is a day moisturiser but I use it at night as it is pretty rich for me and not really for oily skin. I purchased this as I am so broke at the moment. It was about £3 on offer. I must admit, I will not be buying it again but it is very good for someone on a budget who has dry skin or 'normal' skin who want a simple none nonsense moisturiser but my oily skin needs something different. Something else that I purchased because I was on a very low budget was Loreal Paris Skin Perfection 3-in-1 purifying micellar solution. This is the best skin beauty product that I purchased as a last minute thing because it was on offer (I normally read endless reviews before buying any beauty product!) It is great and does exactly what it says on the tin. I think it might actually be my favourite cleanser to date as it's not too strong or harsh like a lot can be. A product I got for Christmas but only just got round to using is the Soap and Glory Peaches & Clean deep cleansing milk . Lets just state the obvious first, it smells sooooo good I want to eat it and it is super nice to use on the skin. It is so light and feels like a moisturiser, I love massaging it in. It leaves my skin so light, soft , feeling fresh and smelling divine. I think this product it probably best for teenagers starting off with a skin routine as it doesn't seem like a task to use (I remember hating having to remove make-up etc). I use this at night so my skin goes to bed happy. Soap and Glory's no Clogs Allowed face mask was an impulse buy. It is pretty pricey in my opinion considering it doesn't do a lot. It doesn't get rid of my black heads like is says and I hardly have any and they are pretty small so if you do have a lot of them or big ones, save your money. Once the product is on your face you need to wet your finger tips and them massage them around your face, this heats up the product and makes it turn from white to blue. I like the warm sensation as it makes you feel like it is working but really, it's not doing very much at all. A face mask I do like and swear by is  the Lush Cosmetic Warrior face mask. This is targeted for people who get blemishes now and then and when they do they get a few (me). I promise, that at least on me, it is amazing. Whenever I have a breakout I put this on, leave it for 10-20 minutes and when I take it off my skin is already less red and lot more calm. The next day my spots are practically gone and then then next day it's like I never had any, even the very bad nasty ones! It does have garlic in it which puts a lot of people on since it's not a lovely smell but really, it's worth coping with it for around 15 minutes, you aren't going to die and really, it's not that bad.... your feet probably smell worse. 

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