17 June 2013

RECIPE: Oreo Cookie Cake Bites

 Since moving to London I've obviously cooked of my dinners myself apart from the odd take away/restaurant visit. I am so bored of meals that you can just pop in the oven etc so I started making my own meals by scratch with my latest being a broccoli and potato coconut curry which I  forgot to write down  'cause that what I'm like. So yes, I do think I'm pretty decent at cooking when I want to be but baking has never been much of a challenge, flapjack is the best I've done... in school...when I was about 13. Anyway, I'm practising now that I am free for Summer. So why not pause your bikini Summer ready diet (face it, we aren't getting a Summer over here and if you are going on holiday, why bother? no one knows you anyway!) and try making this 'Oreo Cookie Cake Bites'  which I  made up because I was lacking ingredients to make Rosie's  Slutty Brownies. 

To make 12 bites you'll need: 

Cookie Dough:
112g butter 
70g caster sugar 
140g plain flour 
1 egg yolk 
A pintch of salt 
2 tbsp of vanilla extract 
(you can buy a box of cookie dough mix if you wish)
3tbsp of vegetable oil 
125ml water 
1 1/2 eggs (use the left over whites from the egg used for the cookie dough for the 1/2)
1 packet of  chocolate cake mixture (you will only use half the bag though unless you double the recipe, I used Betty Crocker's cake box) 

A pack of Oreos
Two mixing bowls 
A whisk (electric or not it's fine)  
A baking tray ready with  grease proof paper of about 25X18cm a bit bigger is fine but I wouldn't suggest any smaller than mine. 

How to:
Pre heat oven at 190°
Starting with the cookie dough mix the butter and sugar together until fluffy and light. Add the egg yolk and mix 'till the yolk is all mixed in well. Start adding the flour a bit at a time whiles mixing in between, add the pinch of salt (you can easily leave this out if you wish). Lastly add the two table spoons of vanilla extract and give it one last mix. 

Leave this bowl aside and start your mixing of the cake mixture. Ass the vegetable oil, water and eggs in the bowl in that order (see instructions on pack anyway) before finally adding your cake mixture, do not forget that my recipe only takes half of the mixture in the box! Mix all together till smooth. 

Get your tray and spread the cake mixture on the bottom of the tray, make sure it is all even. Now place Oreos on top, it doesn't matter how many, go crazy if you like but try not to sink them in to the mixture, you just want them to sit there before laying the cookie dough mixture on top, again evenly so it covers all the Oreos and tray. Place the tray in your oven for around 30 minutes. WARNING: All ovens are different so please keep checking them. I started mine with 15 minutes but had to keep adding time to them as I was guessing, I suggest you do the same. 

Take them out when you think they are ready (you want them to be soft, the cake should be well..like a cake but the dough needs to be a wee bit gooey) cut them up in to whatever you wish but squares are always good and enjoy with a nice cup'a! 

Let me know if you are going to try these and if you want more recipes on my Blog. 
Have a good week! 

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