30 June 2013

Don't look back you're not going that way

1. A big Summer shopping spree 2. Watching the London Marathon from our window in case we got bombed 3. A free Marc Jacobs diet Coca Cola which I got in a Carnaby Street goody bag 4. Tannin up so I can show my legs to the public 5.Frozen yoghurt from Snog 6. Could not resist these 7. 2 year anniversary date at Jamie Oliver's new Italian in Greenwich 8. Killing time before going to a movie preview of The Big Wedding 9. Lana del Rey right in front of my face! 10. Visiting my little guy 11. Lily wondering why I am always in the bath when I go back home 12. Back to old habits with some old friends 13. Visiting my Grandparent's 14. Chilling in Greenwich park with Ben 14. Amazing Mediterranean style dinner at home 

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