24 April 2013

Dance, don't hold the wall


1. Going back home for Easter (sock from Topshop if you must know) 2. Purchased an Asian snack whiles waiting to get picked up from the coach station 3. Seeing my favourite twins 4. Reunited 5. Waking up next to Phoebe after not seeing her for half a year of seeing her 6. Cute dog of Ben's 7. My baby loving my other baby more than me 8. Purchased a super cute cushion and super yummy chocolate 9. Went in to Primark for the first time in about a year and had to get these  10. This was waiting for me when I got back to London 11. Ben being cute 12. What I wore on Ben's 20th 

Boring and lazy old me. I don't apologise, got nothing exciting enough to talk about but I will, trust me. 

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