10 March 2013

Rule number 4: Gotta be looking pure

 Left to right starting from the top:
American Apparel at ASOS £42.00 | Nasty Gal by 6 Shore Road from £60.36 | Beginning Boutique by  One Tea Spoon £63.71 | Urban Outfitters by Minkpink £77 | Topshop £32.00 | Black Milk Clothing £61.67 

Since Ben and I are finally going on Holiday! I know! We are going to Spain for the FIB Festival which is a fifteen minute walk from the beach, and since the festival runs from about 6PM to 4AM... Spanish people party late, it's just one of our things... it means I get to lay on a lovely beach and splash around in nice water for a week. It may not be Caribbean or Asian waters but it's still bliss and better than nothing. PS: I hated the Caribbean waters....too many fish. So in honour of our first holiday I though I'd treat myself to a new swim and these were the best I found on the market currently that I love. Obviously, it is early and there are plenty more pieces to come out. I ended up getting the American Apparel one as I had a 20% code on their website.

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