24 July 2012

It wasn't until after I poured the second cup that I realized I was alone

I'm super tired, sleeping on a boat after swimming in the cold sea isn't too pleasant. Here is a first post on recent buys! I'm going to spend all afternoon in the garden

 Never very lucky with sunglasses but I really needed some so I got this lovely Cheap Monday pair.
 This bikini looks pretty awful on me, it was very cheap from H&M so it's not heart breaking
 Pink sheer blouse top from Topshop 
 Playsuit that I've wanted for a long time from Urban Outfitters 
 Victoria's Secret Pink T-shirts (Third in the wash) got these as exercise tops
 High wasted jeans from River Island 
Got these for just £10 in the Motel Rocks sale, originally £50! 

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