12 December 2011

And I know it's hard but life's a bit like that

It's super early and I'm super ill so I've decided to do a 'special post' since my 50 Movies post became pretty popular I've decided to post my ideal playlist one that isn't about what's on the charts today, this is a personal playlist that I could play everyday and not get bored of it for a very long time. Note: I've probably missed out some songs but I'm sure we can all live with that and the (*) songs are all time favourites.

Travie MCcoy
-Don't Pretend
-Need you
-For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic (*)
-Let This Go
-Love's not a Competition
-Playing God
The Pretty Reckless
The Smiths
-This Charming Man
-These Things Take Time
-There's a Light That Never Goes Out
Kelly Clarkson
-Maybe (*)
-Don't Let Me Stop You
-Can I Have A Kiss
-You Can't win
Laura Marling
-Your No God
-My Manic & I (*)
-Darkness Descends
Lily Allen
-Back to the Start (*)
-Naive (Kooks Cover)
-Everything's Just wonderful
-Littlest Things
Katy Perry
-The One That Got Away
She & Him
-Gonna Get Along Without You
-Change is Hard
-Sentimental Heart
The Naked & the Famous
-Jilted Lovers
-Girls Like You
-The Sun
Mark Ronson
-Somebody to Love Me (*)

Pearl and the Puppets
-Make Me Smile
-Because I Do
Florance & The Machine
-Between Two Lungs
-A Kiss With A Fist
Kate Nash
-We Get On
-Skeleton song
-Nicest Things
-Early Christmas Present
-I Hate Seagulls (*)
Jamie Woon
-Lady Luck
I Blame Coco
-Turn Your Back On Love
-No Smile
-Only Love Can Brake Your Heart
Ellie Goulding
-Your Biggest Mistake
-I'll Hold your Breath
Christina Aguilera
-The Right Man
-Save Me From Myself (*)
-Without You
-All I Need
-I Am (*)
Boys Like Girls
-Let Go (Frou Frou Cover) (*)
-Up Against The Wall
Bruno Mars
-The Other Side
-Liquor Store Blues
Eliza Doolittle
-Back To Front
Arctic Monkeys
-From the Ritz to the Ribble
-Mardy Bum
-Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secure
-Bigger Boys and Stolen Sweethearts
A Fine Frenzy
-Think of you
-Almost Lover (*)
-What I wouldn't Do (*)
The Drums
-Saddest Summer
Ed Sheeran
-Grade 8
-Be Like You

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