03 November 2011

WTF (where's the food?)

I met a girl last month, she happened to be one of my ex' girlfriend after he finished with me which happened around three and a half years a go. The thing is, I really hated this girl. I never met her I just new her face because of her on-line profile. I hated her and my only reason was because she was going out with him. It's so silly looking back at it but at the time I thought I really liked him, I knew I didn't love him there is no denying that and I know he didn't love me even though he did whisper "I love you" once and I freaked and froze and had no idea what to say so I just kissed him and tried to forget. After he dumped me that's when it really hit me that I really did like this guy more than he liked me, I had never been so smitten by someone as much as him. Anyway, the girl I met was lovely and so pretty I instantly felt bad for all the silly comments I made about her back then I was jealous that she had him so it was just natural. The conversation when something like this:

ME: "so what's your name anyway?"
HER: "Mandy. You're Elsa right?"
ME: "Yeah, how do you know?"
HER: "Because you went out with David and then I did, remember?"
ME: " Oh my God yeah, at least he finished with me for someone really nice and pretty!"
HER: "hahah, thanks. He didn't stop talking about you, even when he was with me..."
ME: In shock. "Really? wow."
HER: "Looking back at it, don't you think 'what was I thinking?!'"
ME: "Hahah, yeah...."

Thing is, I don't think that because even though he wasn't my type, I liked him for him, he was a really nice person and that's what I fell for. He was the only guy I do not regret ever being with before my relationship with Ben. Now, if Ben finished with me that would be a different story, there is no way I'd let any other girl have him. No way.

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