21 September 2011

You can try but you'll never keep me down


Since Autumn starts tomorrow (apparently) I'm going to do the 'Summer Challenge' questions and answers. I'm bored....

What are your five favorite things about summer?
The fact I don't have to go to college for most of it
More free time to spend with friends/Ben
Less rain and wind
The fact it makes everyone more joly
Just hanging out in fields or the beach and doing nothing much at all

Where do you usually go in the summer?

Normally Florida but we aren't doing that anymore so I guess fields and the beach...

What are your five top places to go?
The beach, green places (gardens/fields), festivals, holidays and the beach

How tan did you get?

Not that tanned.

Beach or the pool?

The pool, I don't like sand and would rather swim in a pool

Went to any parties?

Yes, I did

What three people did you spend most of your summer with?

Thomas, Ben and mum

When does your summer officially start?#

When college ends

Did you do anything special this summer?

I spent most of it with a great boyfriend, that's pretty special. I also went to a festival...

Did you travel this summer?

I guess..but only for two hours

Did you camp?

I slept in a tent for three nights, is that camp?

What's your best memory from this summer?

My days at Camp Bestival, photographing a wedding and having brilliant laughs with Ben and Tom. Too many

What’s one thing you REALLY want to do next summer?

Go on holiday

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