02 September 2011

Find a reason why


Cardigan and vest top from H&M, jeans turned in to shorts Foxy Riders, bag from Urban Outfitters.

This new blogger layout freaked me right out. Anyway, I really don't have anything interesting to share. I'm sorting out trough my earrings and wondering why I decided to stretch my ear and also how it's been two weeks since one of my cats died and I feel nothing other than the fact I keep thinking I still have four. I don't deal with death like most people do. Never have. I'm really weird about it. I don't really know what I've done all Summer but I know I haven't done any college work. I'm dreading the day Ben goes for two months, he hasn't booked his flight yet and he could be going any day from now and two weeks. I'm nervous about going back to college. It's 24 days till my birthday and 23 till I get tattooed. I'm so excited and anxious about this month that it's unreal.

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