21 April 2011

Is it over yet? Can I open my eyes?

I've wasted my day today... but then again it was nice. I sat in the garden with my dog from eleven till four doing nothing but listening to music and smoking. Now I have to spend my night alone and I hate it. My mum spent the day with her boyfriend and his two kids but I really didn't want to join them. Tomorrow I'm helping PEtal out with her photography by being one of her 'models' it's a gypsy inspired shoot and I really don't like what I have to wear but I'm happy to help. I've tried getting hold of people to spend the night with but no one can be fucked to come to mine or they are busy. I plan to just watch movies and do some art work.

Ten things I miss:

1. From the moment I was born till the age of six (I don't remember much but it's the worry free years that I miss)
2. Tommy- one of my old step brothers
3. The amount of gigs I used to go to
4. Sebastian- my old best friend in Spain (who he was...I'm sure he's changed now)
5. Being close to certain people
6. Doing things with my mum, days out etc
7. Florida
8. Having long hair
9. Not doing exams/ preparing for exams
10. Living in Town

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