15 April 2011

Boys like him don't shine so bright

I had such a nice day and night yesterday. I went shopping with Mike and I picked out some stuff for him (I made him spend his money just because I had none) I got some mustard tights from the Topshop sale. We had such a laugh and he brought me lunch. At night about ten of us went to Phoebe's for a bon fire and got drunk. It was such a good night apart from the fact the last person I wanted to see showed up and I had to run to get the last train because I nearly missed it. Today I woke up feeling super sick and fully dressed. Tonight I'm going to a friends birthday meal (it's a dress up one and I haven't dressed up in ages) and then I'm having a few people round mine for some drinks. I've done no homework or revision and already got drunk too many times, I have no money and the weather is crap again and I think my mum is planing to go to Florida without me.... but I'm still happy.

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