13 March 2011

Have you so little misery that you must create more?

I'm sat here wearing other peoples clothes, feeing and looking awful and feeling sorry for myself. To sum up last night quickly: I.... got ready with Jasmine and Hannah, drank, went to the party, danced, laughed, danced, laughed, met new people, danced, smoked, went to town, got a taxi, went to Holly's, danced, drank, laughed, cried, laughed, tried to sort something with a friend over the phone, cried, cried on the phone to Jasmine at one AM, cried, sat on my own, cried, danced, had a chat about grades, sat on my own, had a serious chat, cried, got angry and slept for three hours.

I'm Elsa, I don't get emotionally hurt but I'm also human so there for really, I do. Everything was going so well in my life and day by day something bad keeps happening and they bringing me back down. I really liked him and I'm extremely picky with guys so I can avoid drama but I guess it's just not realistic. The fact he said sorry and called himself a dick doesn't cut it, if he doesn't talk about it with me today I may not even be his friend. What hurts the most is that he wasn't even wiling to try. The say best friends make the best couples.

And tonight I have to have a sit down roast with mum and the man she's dating, sickening. Sorry to be so depressing, I don't know what to do with myself today but I may watch Gossip Girl, clean my room, do some art, visit Jasmine and just sleep. I haven't decided if I want to go to college tomorrow...

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