06 March 2011

Don't you know people write songs about girls like you

Guess what...I've done no art. Shocking. I'm sat here doing nothing but listening to The Naked & The Famous' album and craving company and a cigaret. I know.So I thought to do one of these (I stole it from someone's blog):

Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now. Day Two: Nine things about yourself. Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart. Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot. Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done. Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever) Day Seven: Four turn offs. Day Eight: Three turn ons. Day Nine: Two smileys that describe your life right now. Day Ten: One confession

1. I'm so glad I've met you and even though I changed you, I really think it was for the better. You put up with me so much and I love you for that. Yes, you annoy me but best friends have to get sick of each other sometimes right? I've only known you for nearly three years but if feels like such a long time. Lastly, I look up to you and admire you so much. I've must have done something good to meet you.

2. You are a very complicated person but that makes me drawn more to you. OK, so I don't always love you and our ways but when you're are at your best you are fucking brilliant and that's why everyone loves you because you are you and when things are hard for you, you try your hardest to put that lovely smile of yours on. I get jealous on how so many people love you even though you're are actually pretty complicated, I wish I could have that sometimes. Please don't change for the world, please.

3. I really dislike you. Not hate but when I se your face it puts me in a bad mood. You are such a fake and always want to be adored. No you're are not as smart as you make out to be, you're are not clever or big and not everything is about you. Give others the chance to speak you stupid bitch. It's a shame because when it's just us two, you're a pretty decent.

4. You came in to my life at just the right time. You're not what I thought you would be you are far, far better... beyond sweet, funny, kind and caring. I hope this goes somewhere and I beg you not to hurt me, at least not any time soon because I want to spend so many days and nights with you even if it's just wasting time watching crap on TV. Although I haven't known you long at all I really crave you're company and that's never happened to me before, I never crave for people.

5. I thought you where different, I guess I was wrong.

6. I know people change but you didn't need to change so much. Instead of changing for the good you're a changing for one single person and not just that but changing in to that person. I love it when you're with me or with our group without her, it's like we have the old you back and it's lovely. You've been there for me and I will still be there for you I just wish I was there for the old you.

7. I've known you for a long time but it's only since the Summer when we started to get to know each other properly and I'm so glad we did. You're hilarious and so caring that I often wonder how I became such good friends with someone like you. You deserve the best even if you don't think so. I just wish you made more effort when it came to real life because soon you will be old and will think "if I only I had..."

8. I don't even know what I think about you.

9. I miss you, I often think and remind you of how close we where but you don't seem to bat an eye lid. You've changed so much...I guess the numbers 1 and 8 put together does that to people but still, I wish you made the effort...I do.

10. I wish you would go away and leave us alone.

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