26 February 2011

You never did learn to let the little things go

PhotobucketI'm so much happier...really, I don't think i've felt this happy since last Summer. I think the fact winter is pretty much over and the fact I've had a break from were I live has helped. I also look happier and people are telling me that. Last night was my last visit to my therapist and I do feel that she has helped a little, most because she was someone I could talk to and she understood why I felt like that and i've taken a load of my shoulders which makes me feel great as for the other stuff she needed to help me with... well lets just say it didn't really work...at all.
Last night I went to a gig and drunk beer and cider and felt like such a dirty person but I was just happy to get out the house. Today I'm going skating with Petal and then Tom and Izzy are coming over to see my new dog- Buddy. Pictures soon promise.

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