14 February 2011

Since when did time become my biggest enemy?

I'm in the mood for writing shit loads simply because I'm upset, but I won't because I'm lazy and you're too lazy to read it.

Happy Valentines day. I always forget this is an actual celebration until I read it/see it/hear it you know... I just think it's pointless and no, not just because I don't have a lover but because it's just a made up day for stores to make more money. If you love someone you should give them a gift because you want to not because the media and crap tell you to.
PhotobucketSo today I got my exam paper both for art and photography and the 'theme is Mystery and Imagination. Fuck knows what I'm going to do with that for art but for photography I've already got an idea that could really work...I hope.
PhotobucketI hope if you had a good day, with or with out a valentines.

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  1. I agree with you, Valentines is just a money making scheme. My anniversary with my partner is the day after valentines so we make a point to only do something on that day haha. But i get what you mean, if you love someone you shouldn't have someone telling you when to buy things, it should be done impulsively and out of your free will.

    Why are you upset? I hope you're alright!