09 January 2011

We won't make love. I just want to be with you

After ten minutes of waking up I'm called 'evil' by my mum, I knew today was going to be a bad day. It was. Not one fucking text and so many strange people came in to work and now I've just eaten yet another disgusting dinner and I'm so tired and still ill and can't be fucked to do any homework.

I hope next week will be a good week because this one sucked, with one exception. I have to see Julie/ Julia whatever her name is, anyway I'm not looking forward to it since I have no idea what to tell her about my days, I guess I should mention all the bad stuff but I don't want her to try and fix everything, is that weird?

Tonight I'm going to watch some movie and do my Spanish homework. sorry for a pointless post, need a small rant.

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