21 January 2011

Thank you stranger for your therapeutic smile

So I just weighed myself for the first time since like July and I've lot some weight, although I already knew that since my prom dress it too big on me now but now I can keep track of my weight I know when I've lost twelve pounds. I had another therapy meeting today and she's given me some task to do where I write down how I'm feeling twice a day, so much effort and will probably forget. I don't really know why I'm even having therapy because I'm not telling her everything and how is she going to help me get better if I can't trust her and can't be a hundred percent honest with her. In other news, I'm so tired and one minute I'm happy and the next I feel down so I think I need to go to bed early. Tomorrow I'm meeting up with some friends to discuss where we are going on holiday this summer, God knows what my mum is going to say if we end up going.

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