25 December 2010

Merry Christmas and what not

Happy Christmas you beautiful people. I hope you had/are having a wonderful day. Since the roads in my village are too lethal for my Grandad to drive on it's just me and my mum this year (plus the pets of course) but we will be going to see my grandparents on Monday. I got way more than I expected this Christmas, my mum got me an Xbox which I really didn't expect because I thought my phone and trip to Barcelona where my main presents. I took some really bad photos of my presents:

Reindeer leggings from River Island from mum

HTC Desire mobile phone from my mum

Fake eyelash set from Aunt Babara

Nail varnish from mum (not sure if I like them...)

Cute creams and bath stuff from mum

Most amazing scarf/hat in the world from River Island from mum

Plain long T-shirts from H&M from mum

Plain denim jeans from Topshop from my nan

Ankle boots from Miss Seldfrige from my cousin and Grandad

Topshop vouchers, one from my cousin one from my uncle

Xbox games from mum

House of Holland tights from Tom

Xbox from my mum

And I just got myself a duffle cape from Topshop.com's sale with my Christmas money, was £80 now only £40! I've been wanting it for ages, so happy! What did you get for Christmas?

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