01 December 2010

Kids get high and make-out on the train

Happy December, a month that should be filled with happiness and all that jazz. I am pretty happy right now but also very messed up one more ways than one.

This weather is a joke. I'm at home with the heating, joggers, two jumpers and a hat I'm still cold! (yes, I look lovely right now) College was also a joke because I pretty much did nothing apart from taking a few notes in sociology and posing for Wendy's photo-shoot. When I got home I had three roast potatoes for my lunch and watched an episode of Gossip girl, I really, really want Chuck Bass so fucking bad. I also gave myself a fringe trim because I really needed one but can't be bothered to go to the hairdressers plus I'm scared they will cut it too short. Now instead of preparing for art tomorrow and deciding what I exactly need to build my sculpture I'm on the computer. Fuck my fucking life hahah .

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