15 October 2010

You can find me on a table full of vodka and taquila

Bliming hell it's cold! It's crazy cold for October, I keep thinking it's late November. I'm going to a fancy dress party for some kid's in my year 18th. I hope it's good. I'm borrowing a friends Native American costume, it is sort of racist to dress up as one of them in some respect but oh well. I've got work all day tomorrow and then have to go to the party so on Sunday I'm going to be mega tired. I have a photography project to do where I have to take a picture every hour, I'm so going to forget to do it every hour!

The cameras I can use for the project. The top one is my own the other is borrowed from college, mine works but it's hard to use because it has no bulbe.

I whent in to the only vintage shop in my town and I love it in there so much but it's pretty expensive I got a couple of things in there anyway.

Cute tassel small tan shoulder bag £10

Skinny leather belt £10

I also come up with a nice lunch, though it looks disgusting. It's noodles and scubble egg. Nice, looks grows and easy to do.

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