03 October 2010

I want you back, please

I realise I haven't posted in a week, it's because I have so much college work. It's crazy. It's not like a have any followers so I'm save. I have a lot of pictures to share but I'm going to post three gifts I got for my birthday. (I got £180 from all my family and only two friends got me gifts...I'm still waiting for two late presents...if I ever get them) I'm also going to Barcelona at the end of February with my art/photography class which I'm looking forward to. I haven't been to Spain since I moved to England so it's going to be pretty strange going back. It's a good trip for me because I can focus on my art, photography and Spanish plus a cheeky amount of shopping. OH and I'm also in the college council and I hope I get a lot out of it as well as the college.

Jasmine got me this ring from Urban Outfitters for £12

Wendy's mum and herself make jewelry and she made me thins necklace, she's lovely.

Jasmine also got me this bag in the Urban outfitters sale for £8.00 and she got herself the same one.

My birthday cake.

And the other day my mum got me these funny/cute comfy and warm slippers.

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