07 October 2010

Drink up so I can forget

I ordered a denim jacket about five minutes ago. I've been looking for one for a while but since I'm really picky about them it's been hard. It's from Miss Seldfrige and it was £45 down to £25 and I really liked it and it was a bargain so I had to get it. I'm liking college a lot more than I thought I would, seriously I love it. I'm getting more involved in things because of it, not only am I in the college council but I'm also in the school play now. Yop, I auditioned yesterday and shockingly, I got in. I sat shockingly because the audition wasn't the best specially since we had to do a Northern accent, and a Spanish person doing a Northern accent doesn't sound too good. I only have a few lines so I'll practise till I get them perfect. I'm also going doctors tomorrow again to see if talking to a councilor or whatever they are called will help with my noise anxiety though I doubt it. Winter is coming and I really don't like it, cold and dark is not my cup of tea. I am going shopping with Jasmine and Tom on the 20Th and getting our ear piercings, can not wait I have so much money to spend. Apart from that, I really have nothing good to share. And the picture above is just there simply because I Belinda and I miss my old hair, apart from that ridiculous fringe.

Oh and I forgot to mention that in August is my mum's friends weding and I'm the photographer (for some reason she thinks I'm good) I will be taking pictures from the moment she gets ready till the party ends and I'm getting £300 for it! So excited.

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